Daily Surveillance

December 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Being far less employed than usual I have a lot of free time to fill. Until now, I had been continuously employed since the age of 14 (despite spending at least one month out of every 12 overseas) so this is a pretty novel situation. I get to fill my days with sun and iced green tea while I sit with the dogs- herein known as The Ridgeback Society- and actually read a whole book. There was a period of about two years when I would constantly pick up books, read a few chapters and abandon them. I love reading! But my concentration span was thoroughly fucked. Unemployment has been a fortuitous remedy for my brain.

Today I visited my favourite local second hand book store. It’s a pokey little cavern next to an embroidery store and an Austrian bakery and it smells amazing. Like stories and wanderlust and simple carbohydrates. The owner can tell you immediately what his weary archives hold. We chatted and as I left, with D. H. Lawrence’s The Lost Girl clutched in my happy hands, he followed me outside. On the nook of cobbled pathway in front of his store window he rejoined his beardy friend at a battered table flanked by equally rachitic chairs. Cooled by a breeze that slipped through the courtyard, the two men gossiped in morning sunlight, drank Austrian coffee from the nearby bakery and traded sections of the newspaper.

Best job in the world?

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