For the Love of Paper

December 20, 2010 § 2 Comments

The Chronicles of Wanderlust


The immediacy of email appeals to either the very busy or the very lazy facet that dwells in all of us when we’re traveling, but there is an elegance to the physically written word that often goes amiss in online correspondence. To receive a letter is so much more evocative when read in the scrawl from the hand of someone close. You can take the time to notice the weight and scent of it, and pull them out again when you need something familiar.

As a writer, my best ideas come when I’m traveling and as an illustrator and aesthete I want my favoured instruments to be well crafted and a little bit opulent. I discovered A. G. Spalding & Bros stationery when I was in Japan and I blame their beautiful binders for making me violate my luggage allowance. I’m fortunate I did not spy any of their pens (far left) or I would have thoroughly violated my bank account as well. A little on the luxurious side, for an impeccable writing instrument and classic accessory the Ecridor Type 55 fountain pen by Caran d’Ache (pictured centre) is a winning option. Inspired by the 1967 Mustang, the Type 55 is an example of refined allure colliding with function to offer a timeless accessory.

Keep your inky treasures company with the Italian leather calfskin journals by Epica (pictured bottom left) that are sturdy and handsome, filled with handmade Amalfi pages. This makes them suitable for ink, pencils and charcoal alike. The journals are available with lined or blank pages, or purchase the binder alone and fill with your favourite paper. Embellish your letters and journal entries with jewel coloured inks from Caran d’Ache (pictured top right) for resplendent descriptions and illustrations. What better souvenir exists than your own art?


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§ 2 Responses to For the Love of Paper

  • Grandad says:

    I liked your story but here is mine:
    Looking out the bedroom window just before Christmas Day and alerted by the sounds of a bunch of myna birds. What did I see but the largest possum in Brisbane perched in a large bush next door. The bush was covered in pink and white flowers which the myna birds had been feeding. The possum which no doubt was enjoying the nectar in the flowers equivalent to us enjoying such treats as icecream or chocolate coated ginger had disturbed the myna birds and was enjoying him/herself hugely to the annoyance of the birds. Several times the possum, because of his/her weight kept falling through the bush but undeterred, climbed back each time to resume his/her treat. I noticed this morning that all flowers had been consumed.

    • Genevieve says:

      I had a good giggle at your possum story Grandad! We have one that has performed some low acts over the years. It nearly gave English Emily a heart attack when it climbed up the tree beside her on our balcony, baby clinging on for dear life on her back. And another year around Easter time it crept into the kitchen one quiet night and ate the head of Amelia’s chocolate bilby and took a bite out of each of her chocolate eggs. She never forgave it!

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