Online Travel Resources For The Restless

December 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Has the idea of a holiday been quietly creeping in, seducing you with promises of faraway lands? Maybe you’ve already decided on a place and a month but haven’t booked flights or accommodation. Or maybe you’re like me and cannot fathom the idea of not having an adventure to look forward to. Whether you’re an experienced or rookie traveler, the following list includes my favourite websites to watch for deals and current information that should live in your bookmarked pages. Preferably in a little folder marked ‘To Go List’ or, if you’re like me, ‘Better Things To Do Than Get A “Real” Job’.

For A Smorgasboard of Discounts: TravelzooA hub of inspiration for the geographically restless. Pick your region and scour the website for recommendations on deals that cover accommodation, transport and activities. All links are tightly regulated so you know they’re from trusted sources. Plus you can sign up to the Travelzoo Top 20 newsletter and have the best deals sent directly to you every week. Warning: you’ll probably find yourself shifting money around your accounts trying to justify an impromptu cruise.

For Cheap Flights: AdiosoThis is my all time favourite website for spotting cheap flights without having your brain scrambled by prolific advertisements and clumsy interfaces. Adioso saves so much time that would have been spent swapping websites and comparing, and also includes sales that seldom come up on other sites.

For Informative and Honest Recommendations: Boots ‘n’ All Travel ForumWhat better source to get information from than those who travel themselves? This forum is divided into a broad list of destinations and related resources such as discussions on food, photography and travel gear & gadgets. They also dedicate boards to specific demographics including travellers with disabilities, as well as student, corporate and senior travellers.

For Students and Under 26s: STA TravelThis is a long-established goldmine of discounted travel and even if you don’t fall into the aforementioned category there is so much accessible information about traveling in general, plus studying, working and volunteering overseas. If you weren’t considering any of those options already, you probably will be after reading it.

For Those Who Like a Little Guidance: Gap Adventures – If you are eager to get exploring but are either not sure where to start or simply prefer a guide, Gap Adventures offer a litany of tours for every budget. Each tour is rated according to the standard of service and level of physical demand. Even better, you have the freedom to elect how independent or scheduled you would like to be for the trip (varies between tours) and there is no end to the array of locations on offer.

If You Want To Party Your Gap Year Away: Off Track Planet – The ‘Start Planning’ tab is a valuable archive of advice on budgeting tips, passport & visa requirements and health and safety as well as some other more…ah, recreational… topics. This is primarily geared towards young Americans, but is a priceless corner of the interwebs if you’re not sure where to start.

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