In Your Carry On: Oh Comely

January 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

The writing in Oh Comely is clever and honest, with substantial feature articles and interviews rather than advertisement laden frippery. The features oscillate between humour, innovation and creative culture paired with evocative illustrations and photography. All you need to read is their tag line, ‘keep your curiosity sacred’, to know that there is a special sort of alchemy happening in these pages, brightened with a hearty shot of silliness.
If you’re in Australia or New Zealand I recommend purchasing through Mag Nation, but if you’re in the US or Oh Comely’s motherland, the UK, it will be cheaper to purchase directly from their online store or from one of their stockists listed here.
Favourite feature: A Blotted History, an explorative article on Hermann Rorschach’s psychological ink blot tests (issue 2).
Remarkable because: They focus on the extraordinary people that you never knew you were dying to meet. In fact, I think they are those people.
Buy it if you like: Frankie, Yen and Lula
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