Daily Surveillance: Volvo Drivers

January 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

There are a lot of retirement homes around my fair hometown of Buderim, a place which is commonly referred to as ‘God’s Waiting Room’ by the younger contingent of the Sunshine Coast. Naturally this sort of demographic goes hand in hand with the temperamental old man’s vehicle of choice, an elegant and distinguished Swedish beast, the Volvo. This is also my automobile of choice, and I feel I am entitled to a certain amount of arrogance when I have such luxury in my life as an 18 year old vehicle with leather seats and the aerodynamic properties of a bucket.
Today, driving through the central roundabout of Buderim, I was blatantly cut off by a quintessential Volvo driver. It was the kind of unexpected traffic rudeness that makes you brake so sharply you lurch in your seat and mouth obscenities out of pure bewilderment. Even more surprising was the old man in the driver seat, who stared straight at me, held my gaze and shone a beatific, guilt-free smile upon me as he crawled past in his 1989 240.

I’m not even angry.


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