In your carry on: The Gentlewoman

January 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

This is the magazine the women of the world needed. Or at least Australia did, because something had to counteract the curious proclivity of most accessible magazines to report on which Kardashian is currently pregnant/binge dieting/screeching at abnormally abrasive frequencies.
The Gentlewoman throws together stunning spreads full of sharp journalism featuring intelligent, creative and ambitious women. The page designs are chic and very, very fresh, with muted colour accents and strong typography. This is a substantial read for those who are interested in truly elegant and successful women. Nary a Kardashian in sight.
Favourite Features: Coverlady and prolific fashion designer Phoebe Philo (issue 1) and interviews with Yoko Ono and Ashley Olsen (both issue 2).
Remarkable because: Every facet, from the writing to the fashion and the interviewees, is poised and incredibly modern while maintaining an inherently classical comportment. Despite technically being in it’s infancy The Gentlewoman was a major player from issue 1.
Buy it if you like: Brother publication Fantastic Man, or Russh.

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