Iceland on Fuji Film

February 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

The most accurate metaphor for Iceland I have heard was offered by my friend Sophie of Our Cynosure who wrote to me in response to another photograph (not pictured) of an Icelandic street sign. She said something along the lines of, ‘The name on that street sign looks like the entire Nordic alphabet re-arranged according to my neighbour’s bird’s opinion’. As erratic as it may initially seem to someone from very far away, this is all part of Iceland’s entrancing dynamic.
Another part is that rather than walk/do not walk signals at traffic lights, they prefer to display a green smiling face (first image- click any photograph to see a larger size), or a red frowning face. This is probably because of the culturally & linguistically diverse nature of Reykjavik, but I like to think that maybe it is simply because pedestrians are more responsive to illuminated emotional blackmail.


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