Too Much Real Life

March 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

The last few weeks have been consumed by an interstate move which, true to my natural state of disorder, has been badly planned and last minute. I have loosely documented my thoughts which I’m sure will gradually leak out here, but I have largely just sort of existed in a permanent state of astonishment.
Highlights include the prolific Asian supermarkets that sell all the cans of peanut milk tea a girl could ask for, and the armloads of free bread and pastries I get to haul home after work most nights. For the most part, I don’t really have opinions of any of it since it didn’t occur to me to actually organise myself enough to catalogue any solid expectations. So I’ll carry on in a state of bloated bewilderment and wonder if it’s the same for everyone when they leave home, whether they too are disproportionately impressed at their ability to do grocery shopping for one.
I’ll be able to write more once I manage to source a LAN cable, which really should be easier considering I’m in a major city, but we’ll put this down to my phobic aversion to strategy. And people of the world/blog… Do not think you will get away with a three dollar LAN cable from a discount store with instructions in broken English. I implore you, learn from my mistakes. Someone needs to.

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