Living in Sin

May 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Joy of joys! With the arrival of my love into our neat little apartment I now have company, music and internet! No more living the bachelor life. Which I am greatly relieved for, since subsisting on a diet that is 40% tinned fish and rattling around with only my ceramic heater for company is exactly as glamourous as it sounds. I think Nick Earls (one of my favourite Australian writers) summed it up well in his novel Zig Zag Street:

“I am not suited to living alone. I think few people are. I think we need to feel that there is some external monitoring of our behaviour or we regress badly. Our self-care and social skills deteriorate, and our interpretation of the role of objects can become eccentric.”

Upon my partner-in-sin’s arrival, my only piece of furniture (coffee table, $19, assembled by hand) was immediately swiped and re-appropriated as a devotional alter  desk for his Mac. He’s a kind soul though, he replaced my makeshift dining table with an even more makeshift option- the box his cursed Mac came in. It is a bullet-proof testament to the honeymoon period that even though our entire inventory of furniture is a wobbly bench, a mattress and a cardboard box, we still find the time daily to crow about how much we love our apartment.  Mind you, this is the view from my pillow…


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