March 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

For the first two decades of my life, I lived ten minutes away from some of Australia’s favourite beaches. Being a spoiled brat, I only bothered to make the trip and get my feet wet about once a year. Of course, since moving to Melbourne I suddenly have an itch for vigorous morning swims in the ocean, but I have turned my (spoiled brat) nose up to Victoria’s offer of practically Antarctic waters. Now I live two states away, I plan on visiting Queensland’s glorious beaches at every opportunity. My top 3 on the Sunshine Coast are:

1. Mooloolaba (top) for a wander along the esplanade, swimming all day and fish & chips for an early dinner.
2. Happy Valley, Caloundra (bottom) for lazy swimming in calm waters, rock pool explorations and a barbecue in the park.
3. Cotton Tree, Maroochydore for a coffee or breakfast on King Street (my favourite is Nude Deli), or long quiet walks on a balmy evening, pictured here, along with some other Queensland eye candy.

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